Robotics: Summative Reflection

For this summative we had to build a bot that could climb a mini-staircase. We used angled beams that rotated as wheels to pull the bot up.

My strategy worked well for me because I finished in 2 classes. I used a long thin design so it wouldn’t be too heavy and would propel from the back.

A challenge I faced during this project was finding the right lengths for the beams, twice I had to adjust the size and take apart the design.
I overcame this with Perseverance, I was motivated with the adjusted design and was determined to get over the staircase.

This was the first task where everyone created their own design and didn’t use the instruction book design. We learned how to be more creative and tips to building the right bot for the challenge.

Why we should get more lunch time

Why We Should Get More Lunch Time

Balling, running, reading, socializing, kids having fun. So why limit Middle Schoolers’ most important need. Adding more lunch time benefits both students and teachers.

Kids need their lunch time, P.E. is every other day, with instructions. Library is once a week.

      “When I looked at my own success in management and leadership, I saw that if I did a good job AND was fun/funny, I was actually more effective. So, I coined the phrase “do it well, make it fun” and now, I show people that this two-step concept can apply to just about anything”, a valued magazine. Because he says this is important because you can apply this into just about anything. I learn that I can try to add jokes in a presentation to do it well and make it fun.
Lunch Line

It’s 6th grade week, sprint! I’m sure everyone hates that, especially Ms. Dunmire.

 More lunch time would have less chaos and more ease to get to the cafeteria knowing you’ll have time to play. 
The Math

The Total lunch time is 45 min. 

7th grade week: For a good student( everyone will be a good student once we get more time) who walks it takes 2 min. To get to the line. At the line you wait another 3 min. To finally sit down again and eat. Once again for a good student is would take 10 min. to eat. Now you can go play after 15 min. Of lunch buisness. 

For some venues it takes 3 min. To get to walking such as the gym. Play, finally.

Whistle!!! It’s time to go 10 min. Before our next class. Transition time should be after our lunch time.

In total a student gets 17-20 min. To play depending on how fast they eat.

Adding more lunch time will solve problems our middle school has everyday. First, it will calm everyone, not rush them, knowing that they have a proper time to play, the running will stop. 

        It will also stop the hyperness we see everyday in all our classes. Teachers hate it when they’re being over talked or not have control of the lesson.

         Lastly, it will help moods, more play more happiness and positive attitude and gratitude for their free time accepting it is learning time before and after lunch.

There are benefits for both teachers and students if we increase the lunch time. It will help the students with their fun need and relax them knowing they have time. It will help the teachers with many solutions we have from students running to hyperactive students in class.
That’s why you should increase our lunch time!

Delhi out and About

This class really taught me about my host country, I got to know about history of Delhi starring the 7 cities. I also learned about transportation, that’s my topic for the iMovie.( know which bus to get in, we need AC). The Gandhinproject was the biggest/longest one. I like long projects that we’re working on. I know Gandhi better.

Some projects including the ones I mentioned before were the 7 cities of Delhi, I was assigned Qila Rai Pithora, the 1st city of Delhi so I know how it came to be. We did Gandhi project, we even went to the Gandhi Smirthi to know more about India’s role model. We divided the project into sections about childhood, education, South Africa visit etc.  Another project was the Kahoot game, we partnered and made a 20 question Kahoot game. We each chose a section of Delhi such as economy, holidays, politics, religion etc. Nast and I chose transportation. We googled questions and answers to know about Delhi transportation. We made a flyer with pictures and information about Dilli Haat, a market where you can buy cloth, food, antiques etc. Every day at the beginning of class Mr. Soni introduces us to useful Hindi words.

Finally some field trips were the parliament/India gate, Gandhi Smirthi, Dilli Haat, and the Qutab Minar. All these gave us a better look at Delhi. I had been to most of them, but we went to different parts.

The Family Hits Stops

Scottie, a boy in the 6th grade had family events with jokes and memories. It started off with 2 friends coming over for fun on the first day of winter break. Some other fake family times were parties. His family invited 2 other families over for Christmas eve and had other parties the next 2 days. It only got Better form there as Scottie’s family celebrated New Years together, watched Rogue One, and went to Thailand.

New Years

New Years was great, they were all together at their home without any other families. Usually we’d be counting down with our friends while playing a game or watching a movie. Scottie said it was great to be together thinking about all the things that happened that year. “All smiles at the toast with sparkling cider.”

Rogue One

The movie was surprisingly surprisingly good, but that wasn’t it. It was a great Father-son outing. The mom had to stay behind to watch the little sister because they knew the movie would be intense.The dad got them McDonald’s and Dominoe’s at the food court in the mall where the theater was. The dad was making bets and bringing back memories for fun and as usual. “I bet you 5 dollars Alex is asleep by now.” Alex is their little sister.


Family trips are the best! “Especially going to a beach” says Scottie. Travelling there and from is great so parents can comfort you when you are sick and let you lie on their shoulder. No one else will take their time to do great adventures/activities. “My brothers went snorkeling with me, my mom kayaking, and my dad played with me in the waves.

     Family is the best, especially over break when your friends are gone with their own families which is great.

Meuseum Project

I chose this artifact because it was to show religion and uniqueness in an ancient Egyptian artifact. The objective was to show relation to us kids in our cultural universals and of course to teach you about the main attraction of Egyptian artifacts, capturing the eye.


2 strengths I have organising myself are keeping my agenda up to date, writing down my classes and things to do. Another strength is keeping my materials in the same place so I know where they are and don’t get lost, most of my school materials by the front door.

Some things I need to work on are consistently looking at my agenda or tiny calendar.  Also having to keep my block notebooks easy to get on the bottom of my locker.

A goal I have for now til the end of the semester is keeping time management by not being tardy or absent and getting homework done on time.