Observation poem

You can do anything with anything
It doesn’t take brick to build a building and or flour to make cookies. Anything is an ingredient. Once I had barbecue sauce on my pizza because we were out of tomato. I bet you could use a giant balloon to carry something to space. Let’s be creative in creating. You could build a face with sand!

SLC Ranthambhore Reflection

This trip was amazing! I learned the importance of having balanced ecosystems and the responsibility of going on a trip without family. The most important learnings were the safaris and the hotel.


It was amazing seeing the prey, plants, and some other cool animals. There has to be more plants than prey and more prey than carnivores to keep the ecosystem balanced.



The food, greenspace, and friends everywhere with something to do was so helpful and fun. It was really fun at the hotel, I had the best roommates.

We were so lucky to have gone on this trip. We practiced journaling a lot. I will set a goal to journal once a week. Thank you Ms. Maira for setting this up.

Thank you!

Images by AK Sharma