Delhi out and About

This class really taught me about my host country, I got to know about history of Delhi starring the 7 cities. I also learned about transportation, that’s my topic for the iMovie.( know which bus to get in, we need AC). The Gandhinproject was the biggest/longest one. I like long projects that we’re working on. I know Gandhi better.

Some projects including the ones I mentioned before were the 7 cities of Delhi, I was assigned Qila Rai Pithora, the 1st city of Delhi so I know how it came to be. We did Gandhi project, we even went to the Gandhi Smirthi to know more about India’s role model. We divided the project into sections about childhood, education, South Africa visit etc.  Another project was the Kahoot game, we partnered and made a 20 question Kahoot game. We each chose a section of Delhi such as economy, holidays, politics, religion etc. Nast and I chose transportation. We googled questions and answers to know about Delhi transportation. We made a flyer with pictures and information about Dilli Haat, a market where you can buy cloth, food, antiques etc. Every day at the beginning of class Mr. Soni introduces us to useful Hindi words.

Finally some field trips were the parliament/India gate, Gandhi Smirthi, Dilli Haat, and the Qutab Minar. All these gave us a better look at Delhi. I had been to most of them, but we went to different parts.

Digital Citizenship

3 important take always I had from these DAL lessons are:

  1. Whatever you post stays there forever, think before you post.
  2. Do not share passwords to friends or anyone at all!
  3. Don’t delete your search history, they should know what you’re doing, they are your teachers and parents


    You stay balanced by evaluating your time with different things and doing less addicting things.

    I will stay balanced by doing the above and obeying adults whenever they tell me, “enough.”

    I will also learn to like more than one thing.