The Family Hits Stops

Scottie, a boy in the 6th grade had family events with jokes and memories. It started off with 2 friends coming over for fun on the first day of winter break. Some other fake family times were parties. His family invited 2 other families over for Christmas eve and had other parties the next 2 days. It only got Better form there as Scottie’s family celebrated New Years together, watched Rogue One, and went to Thailand.

New Years

New Years was great, they were all together at their home without any other families. Usually we’d be counting down with our friends while playing a game or watching a movie. Scottie said it was great to be together thinking about all the things that happened that year. “All smiles at the toast with sparkling cider.”

Rogue One

The movie was surprisingly surprisingly good, but that wasn’t it. It was a great Father-son outing. The mom had to stay behind to watch the little sister because they knew the movie would be intense.The dad got them McDonald’s and Dominoe’s at the food court in the mall where the theater was. The dad was making bets and bringing back memories for fun and as usual. “I bet you 5 dollars Alex is asleep by now.” Alex is their little sister.


Family trips are the best! “Especially going to a beach” says Scottie. Travelling there and from is great so parents can comfort you when you are sick and let you lie on their shoulder. No one else will take their time to do great adventures/activities. “My brothers went snorkeling with me, my mom kayaking, and my dad played with me in the waves.

     Family is the best, especially over break when your friends are gone with their own families which is great.

Meuseum Project

I chose this artifact because it was to show religion and uniqueness in an ancient Egyptian artifact. The objective was to show relation to us kids in our cultural universals and of course to teach you about the main attraction of Egyptian artifacts, capturing the eye.

Cuneiform Challenge

 This is a Mesopotamia phrase in “Cuneiform”, feel free to try and decipher, it will probably be hard. 

 This project was fun, we got to use clay and a pencil to carve in, that’s the fun part, but my clay wouldn’t stick together. I need to be more efficient at this. I’m glad the mesopotamians made cuneiform