2 strengths I have organising myself are keeping my agenda up to date, writing down my classes and things to do. Another strength is keeping my materials in the same place so I know where they are and don’t get lost, most of my school materials by the front door.

Some things I need to work on are consistently looking at my agenda or tiny calendar.  Also having to keep my block notebooks easy to get on the bottom of my locker.

A goal I have for now til the end of the semester is keeping time management by not being tardy or absent and getting homework done on time.

Homework Spot

This is my dining room table. I like a quiet place, but not silent in a room with a closed door because that keeps me thinking about what everyone else is doing because my siblings are in elementary school. When I need to take a break I can play ping pong or talk with someone about life. I like to be by my mom in the kitchen to ask her questions while she’s making dinner. There is also music coming from the living room next door. I have to do it before any privileges and before dinner.