Cuneiform Challenge

 This is a Mesopotamia phrase in “Cuneiform”, feel free to try and decipher, it will probably be hard. 

 This project was fun, we got to use clay and a pencil to carve in, that’s the fun part, but my clay wouldn’t stick together. I need to be more efficient at this. I’m glad the mesopotamians made cuneiform

Homework Spot

This is my dining room table. I like a quiet place, but not silent in a room with a closed door because that keeps me thinking about what everyone else is doing because my siblings are in elementary school. When I need to take a break I can play ping pong or talk with someone about life. I like to be by my mom in the kitchen to ask her questions while she’s making dinner. There is also music coming from the living room next door. I have to do it before any privileges and before dinner.

Digital Citizenship

3 important take always I had from these DAL lessons are:

  1. Whatever you post stays there forever, think before you post.
  2. Do not share passwords to friends or anyone at all!
  3. Don’t delete your search history, they should know what you’re doing, they are your teachers and parents


    You stay balanced by evaluating your time with different things and doing less addicting things.

    I will stay balanced by doing the above and obeying adults whenever they tell me, “enough.”

    I will also learn to like more than one thing.

    Observation poem

    You can do anything with anything
    It doesn’t take brick to build a building and or flour to make cookies. Anything is an ingredient. Once I had barbecue sauce on my pizza because we were out of tomato. I bet you could use a giant balloon to carry something to space. Let’s be creative in creating. You could build a face with sand!