SLC Ranthambhore Reflection

This trip was amazing! I learned the importance of having balanced ecosystems and the responsibility of going on a trip without family. The most important learnings were the safaris and the hotel.


It was amazing seeing the prey, plants, and some other cool animals. There has to be more plants than prey and more prey than carnivores to keep the ecosystem balanced.



The food, greenspace, and friends everywhere with something to do was so helpful and fun. It was really fun at the hotel, I had the best roommates.

We were so lucky to have gone on this trip. We practiced journaling a lot. I will set a goal to journal once a week. Thank you Ms. Maira for setting this up.

Thank you!

Images by AK Sharma

SLC Special (ART)

As an artist this year I have gotten to like it, last year it was my least favourite subject. We did some pretty fun projects like pottery, zen tangles, and prints. In all these projects they were a long term-many step project. I liked using the materials. Art is awesome because we get to chat and do fun art work.

Here is some of the work:

After this I realise that art is all around us, there is so many types of art. I will practice to do other arts.

Thank you!

SLC Special (Spanish)

En clase de Español aprendemos mucho. No solo aprendemos español, aprendemos trabajos divertidos. 

No quiero ser mal pero Es facil. Yo quiero construir más en los talentos. Aquí hay unos trabajos.

Nosotros en clase tenía una lesión sobre Los tiempos por los 1200’s a los s 1800’s. Fue muy interesante. También  fue una prueba después de la lección. El año más importante en todo tiempo fue 1492, de Sr. Giangrasso. Yo estoy agracido por aprender más en esta lección .

Otra memoria fue un juego divertido   que se llama Space Race. Hay que dar respuesta preguntas sobre números o colores o algún tópica otra. Hay equipos también y quien respuesta las más preguntas correcta es el ganador. Fue divertido porque yo aprendí y tenía mucho divertido.

En español yo revisé mi español y yo pienso que es importante a aprender el segundo más hablan idioma en el mundo. En el futuroGracias a Sr. Giangrasso por sé mi maestro esta año.


SLC Tech

This year as an online member I have learned so many tips and tricks to be a better online person in researching, projects like this, and etc.

This year I have joined a Creative Commons Squad. It is an alternative for copyright. With my fellow members of the CC we presented a drop-in session to teachers. It was a fun experience  learning and presenting. Here are some licenses of CC:


Reflecting on this tech stuff, I realise that it is a part of our everyday life, it is very important to learn about technology and online tricks, or any device. I will practice these tricks and remember them most times when I’m on a device or online.Next year I’ll be in middle school with an iPad 24/7, I need to apply to these thoughts. Thanks to Ms. G, the head of the CC squad and teacher of all tricks and tips to me.

Thank you!

SLC Social Studies

 As a researcher in social studies this year I have had a freedom unit. We really learned the theme of gain/maintain/losing freedom. Here are the works:

We read these two books about slaves that try to gain freedom by escaping their owners. I can reflect on this later by being grateful to be free. These books were also fun and interesting listening about their lives. We did a reflection on January’s Sparrow, one of the books:

As a reasearcher in social studies, I realise that history is important, especially the freedom unit. It teaches us how much people suffer, and how wrong people were having slaves. Later researching I want to us better keywords. 
Thank you!


SLC Reading

Reading is a good subject. I have gotten to improve in my volume and stamina. I have been a strong jotter to. Here’s my work:

This is a page of strong jots I did while Ms. Liv read us Marshfeild Dreams during read loud. I summarise, make connections and write how I would feel. Here’s another type of jotting:

This is called Connecting the Dots. You find connecting ideas in a story which I did a lot.

Reflecting as a reader I am a good one and love certain genres. But I still want to record my reading, I haven’t got round to it. I plan to make a page of book starlings that I read.

Thank you!